Life and Death Before Me…

My dogs enjoy their twice daily exercise. Early morning and late afternoon. Nukka leaves the kennel running full bore through all the trees looking for the family of Quails that give us much pleasure. She chases them as the fly from tree to tree.

Today, she stirred up a few of them at the back of the property. One flew toward the back fence and tried to fly through the fence, but as the tale is told, the bird was somewhat injured by the fence and could barely fly above the leaves lying on the ground. The Quail made it safely to a rock in the neighbors pasture. The only rock leaning against a tree. Safely tucked behind the rock I’m sure the Quail thought it was safe, maybe even able to catch his breath and check out his injuries.

As I was watching Nukka run up and down the fence line trying to get through to the Quail, Mr Hawk sailed quietly over the fence and underneath the rock. He sashayed out from behind the rock with the Quail in his talons and stared at me. I figured he was trying to determine if I was a threat to him, or he was just showing off his kill. Regardless, he flapped his wings and took his kill across the pasture and into the woods.

How many times have we stood at an accident scene, or in some hospital room, and seen the tableau of life and death unfold before us. God is the only hope, and we turn to Him in prayer looking a solution of health and recovery. At times death wins the hand, and at other times there is an act of healing and the recovery of health…

A child of God can face these times with hope for a better place than we have ever comprehended here. Yet we know that God does not let us leave this world lightly.

Ps 116:15 – His loved ones are very precious to him, and he does not lightly let them die. (TLB)

Regardless of seeing Life and Death playing out before us, there is hope of life after this one!