New Blogging Website!

 Good Morning Everyone! (Audio)

For over a year I’ve been thinking about, and have finally stepped out and accomplished something….It’s a process that I want to be proud of sharing!

Welcome to my domain!  www.MichaelGurley.Org

I hope you bookmark it and come back to visit often!

My old blog site is still hanging out while I decide what to do with all my posts, and I may move some of them over here. Until that decision is made, you are welcome to check in there at:

This will be a work in progress over the next few weeks as I set it up to look like a final product I will be happy with… Please, join me as I work through this effort and give me some feedback!

What will be the purpose of this website?

Perhaps broader than the old website, I’m hoping to create a place for sharing my thoughts, observations, and insights. Along with investigating, researching, digging for resources and recommending some thought processes that hit me in the face every single day. There are books and articles I love to share. Statistics. Solutions. Experiences. Background. History.

There are guests I want to introduce you to. People who make an impact in other lives, or have a unique experience to share. Our world is full of these individuals! Every day you come in contact with a Special Someone! All it takes is spending some time talking to them. Anonymously, or not, you can share with others and help them to know we are not on this journey alone.

All of this is research for future postings…and a book or two!

It will be an ongoing experiment! You can have a voice in the process! I will share the various updates that will make the blog more readable, accessible, and, hopefully, you will find something that’s right up your alley!

When I was about 4 years old, 1959 or so, a TV show began. This was back in the B&W (that’s Black and White for the uninformed) days. It was basically a cowboy show of guys on a continual trail ride with all them little doggies… If you’re listening via my audio version, let me end this blog with my impetus to get moving on down the trail. If you are reading, simply click this link!