Moment by Moment

Most of us wish for a stable environment that we can live in and enjoy our moments. Other than the events that happen outside of our control, we do many things to keep ourselves in control. With the turmoil elsewhere, I think it’s a great idea to work hard on controlling the things we can control.

The Night Sky

We take the night sky for granted because we know what we are looking at. Heavenly bodies that are a gazillion miles away. Their lights have been shining so brightly for an amount of time that we cannot even conceptualize.

A Fresh Brew, Fresh Memory

Today, being Memorial Day weekend, there will be many visits to Memorial sights to remember those who lost their life in defense of our country. It’s good to go to these places, but it is even better to have something personal in your hands that will remind you of those who have come and gone.

Paint By Numbers

One person says I’m too “left brained” and have no artistic flair. Perhaps that’s true. On the other hand I think it’s simply that I never perfected the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the creation of “things”.

Saturday Tired

Saturday Tired: You work all week, handle all the minutiae of life, and expect to enjoy some down time. Only, down time is not what you expected. I need some mental down time and maybe cleaning out the garage before the heat bears down on us will be exactly what the doctor ordered. Or grilling…