Next Step

Next Step! (Audio) I’m tired of living in the past! Well. Maybe. It’s not just the memories of the past, much of what we recall and commiserate about are the negatives. Live in the valley of regret and you will continually struggle with making forward progress. It’s almost like climbing a steep trail and the…

A Blank Page

A Blank Page: (Audio) I remember a time, back in the school years, that it was difficult getting busy to write a book report or some other paper that required you to read, analyze and report. At that time I could only imagine what some people go through when they write a book! In fact,…

Why? Why not….

Part of what I hoped the blogging would accomplish is presenting an insight that is needed by some, and wished for by others. Maybe it’s like a local news team that spoke of the presidential debates before the election, “We listen so you don’t have to.”