Shaping Our Thoughts

Shaping Our Thoughts (Audio) I’m not sure why my mind keeps returning to the trough of thinking about our thoughts, but I emailed myself a thought while away from my computer so I could think it through this morning. Some years back our son was doing pottery in an art class back in his high…

The Power of a Cloud

The Power of a Cloud: (Audio) I will not do this justice, but as I transitioned from sleep to awake earlier this morning, this startling thought rattled in my brain. Can we duplicate a cloud in a laboratory setting? Can we recreate all the forces at play on the earth, create a weather system, and…

The Fear of the First

If you are the right type of personality, then you follow similar steps of preparation for every time you repeat the action. Nothing becomes “old hat”. You have the personality to treat every time as if it were the first time.