Pause, Think, Plan, Do = Success!

We’ve all struggled with getting our act together and getting things done. Some like the “doing” part but are exhausted when taking time to think and plan. Others like to lay it out on paper and then turn it over to someone else to complete. Probably the biggest problem for many of us is learning how to do all three…. Some are jittery, stressed, overwhelmed…at all the steps, but excel at one or two.

Maybe part of what we need to know in this process of living is what our personality limitations are. Maybe we are not the implementer’s but we are great at thinking, or planning. Regardless, when it comes to a lot of our life’s needs we are the only player in the game. There is no one to delegate part of the project to. No kids are at home to do the chores. Money does not allow you to hire the help. So. You simply agree with yourself that you are the only one that can do all that needs to be done.

So. Pause for a few minutes. Think it out. Plan and put it down in writing. Then, simply do.

There are some cultures who take pride in thinking things out long before they act, or react. In fact, it’s a wise thing to carve out a niche of time in your busy life of doing and make sure all you do meets all your plans, and all your plans follow your long range thinking.

Costing it out, timing, permitting, legal, talent, commitment, testing, acquisition, implementation… all important thinking processes.

Perhaps this is my problem when I like to do all the thinking, and the planning, of course, but then I simply want it “done” without having to do all the follow-through actions. I may not even like being available to answer last minute questions or make time crunch decisions, but I will be happy when it is completed.

Last week I watched the launch of the Falcon Heavy Lift rockets testing the tools that will be required to lift mankind back into the space race. It was on my iPhone and the images were small, but your could feel the excitement of our next step into space. You know, Moon…Mars…Infinity and Beyond! When NASA lost the race to politics, private enterprise stepped in. I’m reading a good book that talks about a part of this (My Dream of Stars) that describes the life of an Iranian woman who ended up in the USA with a huge dream, vision, git’er done attitude. She “MADE” things happen, all the while not necessarily knowing what her next step would be. Her dreams were huge, and her husband supported her all the way. You may want to check this out because it is applicable to more than just a vision of the stars!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about the type of personality that “MAKES” things happen. What is their drive and where does it come from? Are they competitors and willing to challenge everything and everyone to make things occur? Are they visionaries? Dreamers? Do they have the force of personality to promote their vision and find the folks who are willing to join them in the quest to conquer the future? Are they okay with rejection? Can they handle the loss of personal space?

Or, are they willing to see something start from the ground floor, build as high as possible and then turn it over to someone else?

I’m not so old that I cannot admit there are better ways of doing the things I’ve started in my life. There are better ways to get to the finished line. Maybe the key is not to worry about “self” so much, but find some younger folks to pour accumulated knowledge, garnered wisdom, and practical experience into the next generation.

And this thought came to me early this morning. Sometimes the best way to keep our feet to the fire and eyes focused on the future is to have younger folks looking to you for leadership. A good leader is always first a good follower. Remember how you were back in those earlier decades when you wanted to accomplish and found a rising star to hitch a ride with? There are many younger folks just waiting on someone to help them challenge and win the race to the future.

I will have more to say about this in the near future! I promise!

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