Polish Your Thoughts

Polish Your Thoughts (Audio)

The pace of life sped up when Samuel Morse invented Morse Code and established the first commercial telegraph. No longer did we wait for the speedy Pony Express, Stage Coach, Train or Ship to get a letter from zone to zone, one could now send a digitized message more quickly than ever before.

Where previously a letter caused you to take specific note of your words, thoughts, and skill of communication, Morse charged a “per word” fee that made you want to cryptically condense your thought into as few words as possible. Salutation, Opening Paragraph, Body of Thought, a Complimentary Close and a Fancy Signature – history! Poof! Gone!

Today’s communications are even more impactful because they do not reach a single person on the other end of a line – they say a lot about you. Your education, background, communication skills, thought producer, and, wait for it, intelligence! All wrapped up and forever etched in the digital world with each press of the enter button!

Every morning I spend a few minutes looking back through some of my digital apps that allow me to see what I posted “On This Day“. Every morning I think about what I said, how I said, and probably what I meant to say. A few days ago I posted some tweeted thoughts from the previous month and unless you could place each tweet into my thinking process of the moment then it might not have made much sense.

For those that simply post pictures, recipes, posters and the like – well, I find ways to speed through and ignore your images, because I think in words, not pictures. I’m not graphic communicator that can put images, shapes, and colors into the desired result that everyone may like.

But I can put my thoughts into words and pound the keyboard until they make more sense as I keep polishing each line. Without looking at the keyboard, my fingers find the home row and communicate what my mind thinks. I may pause, read the sentence, backup and try again to make sense. Or, I will freeflow write and then try to make sense of it all after a few minutes of hard typing.

For the briefest of moments, I imagine one of my favorite authors, James Michener, as he sets down at an old-fashioned typewriter and begins to pound out his storyline. Somewhere in his brain is the story he wants to tell, and somehow he gets it down to paper for an editor to pour over and a publisher to print. So Old Fashioned!

This morning, as Iron sharpeneth Iron (Proverbs 27:17), I look for people who will read my blogs, share their thoughts with me in the comment sections, or by voice, and help me Polish My Thoughts so I become a better thinker, and wordsmith.


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