Faith Test

We have seen many who express faith beyond their years of physical age. We expect it from people who have a long experience with Life and have proved the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. But it’s the child like faith that blindly trusts the safety of arms reaching to catch them as they jump into your arms that simply blows me away!

Sometimes we label this as blind faith.

As we grow, our faith matures, generally, or it is jaded by all the failures when we have been kicked to the curb. Hurt. Disillusioned. Disappointed. Again.

I found this just by chance and it spoke volumes to my spirit. In just a flash I connected, and related.

  • Baby faith believes so long as everything is ok and good.
  • Teenage faith believes that everything will eventually be ok.
  • Adult faith believes when everything’s messed up and there appears to be no hope.

My faith is strong. Mostly unwavering. Ready to pull a Caleb…”Give me this mountain!”

Michael Gurley