Accountability Questions: Who, What, When, Where, How and Why?

Accountability Questions:
Who, What, When, Where, How and Why?  (Audio)

Okay…  Sooner than I ever thought these magic years of 60+ trips around the sun has arrived. I’m just saying! I’m well into this magic carpet ride. At 62, and sooner rather than later I’ll hit 63, I’m realizing my age as I slow down in certain areas and enjoy ruminating about the past, present and future more than I ever thought possible!

But in all my thinking I realize age is just a number and not an indication of my identity. It was Caleb, at 85 years young, that stated, “I am as strong as that day Moses sent me to spy out  the land 45 years ago, and now my strength is for war, so, give me this mountain!” (Joshua 14:10-12)

This made me consider again, who am I accountable to as I age and as I keep plugging along on this road of life. Who is my “tribe”? A popular word by those who are building a business and a following, but essentially it relates to those who are on the road with me, of course! They are my support system. But I find I do not want to burden too many with my needs, business and personal, so I seek out others who can help hold me accountable to my calling, my role, my responsibility.

Last week I started out answering these questions. You remember them from some class back in grade school days – who, what, when, where, how and why. These 6 words make for a good story and potentially the greatest success you can ever achieve! They provide boundaries and prevent you from straying too far afield from your calling.

Who do you answer to?
What areas of your life are they your accountability partner with?
When do you connect?
Where will this take place?
How do you intend on communicating? (Skype, Email, Text, Social Media, or Face to Face?)
The biggest question is Why. Why are you doing this and what do you hope to accomplish with this connection? 

At the time that you answer these questions, you should consider all those who are not in your accountability partnership. There are always dissenting opinions, negative perspectives, plotters and betrayers of your potential success, and those who are just plain jealous of your accomplishments. They are waiting for you to fail so they can chuckle and say, “I always knew this day would come! See. Failure!”

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Backbiters and backstabbers are not just strangers! Too often these will be the closest thing to a friend or family you have, but you have to learn how to ignore them, or at least disable their ability to prevent your success. And without you taking this the wrong way, even Jesus had to identify those who are on his side of mission and direction. “Whoever does the will of God is my brother and my sister, and my mother.” as his real mothers and half brothers were standing outside waiting on him! (Matthew 12:48-50, Mark 3:31-35)

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A long time ago I said “I do” to my favorite bride of all brides. We are accountable to each other and bounce ideas and thoughts back and forth like a good volley at the net. However, we each need our own accountability partners to keep our focus forward so that we can more easily travel together.

Business partners, co-workers, project teams, and churches. We all need to have someone we are accountable to. Some say it’s the Board of Directors, others say it’s the customer, but regardless of the span of focus, someone must keep the lens in focus on the future. What’s your goal? Do you have it documented? What’s your vision? Is it something you recite like a mantra? What is your objective this week? Can you even state it?

Today. I plan on keeping this thought in front of me. Who am I accountable to, and in everything I choose to do I must know, is this in my accountability plan? How about you? Join me this week for a thinking session? This is my blog’s purpose for the next 5 days…