A Special Gal

A Special Gal

There are many special people in my life. A long and lengthy list could prove my morning thought, were I to share.

But there is one more special than any who may, or may not (!!), be on this list.

She knows who she is, because she said “I do” to dealing with me “…till death us do part!” Nearly 43 years ago…and that’s been some good, long and short years!

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She’s special in so many ways. We don’t fight, know how to listen to each other, and put up with each other’s idiosyncrasies. You can’t get in between us to divide our bond, because that bond is tighter than anything you can imagine!

Through the years, my bride and I have never learned to fight. At least not with each other! She was a middle child and it seemed between an older sister and younger brother, she dealt with all those in-between wars that are not experienced by the first and last born.

And I, well, the oldest of four with two brothers immediately following, it seemed that being in “control” was more important than fighting, but it often felt like it was the way to establish dominance! Can I get an “Amen”?

This does not dismiss the fact that we have, at times, had some pretty intense discussions! And these discussions have made us better, and built our character, in that ol’ scripture of “iron sharpening iron” way. Why? Because we don’t believe in winners and losers in these times. We’re in this life together, to win, or lose, together.

She’s a great mother and a beautiful person, a provider of a Safe and Happy home life for all who are under her roof. Even stray cats that wander by every so often! She’s smart, talented and a loving, caring person.

And, for a very special reason, God put her in my path to be my “I do” special gal…

For over 45 years I’ve been telling her Happy Birthday! And I do so from afar this year. Our old stomping, mountain-less, warm and muggy grounds of the big city of Houston. I’m here, and she’s back in heavenly turf where it’s starting to dip very close to the 20’s. God’s temperature!

Happy Birthday! Love you! See you soon…