Not In The Drivers Seat

Not in the Drivers Seat

I’m a driver and for over 45 years I’ve put close to 2 million miles behind me. I love to drive and need few reasons to get behind the wheel and face forward.

Of course, my truck is my preferred vehicle even if someone offers a newer choice. There’s something about sitting tall in the saddle, seeing over all others, and enjoying the feeling of invincibility!

Sometimes your dashboard becomes the cockpit for some interesting times.

The older I get, however, I do enjoy spending time being in the front passenger seat and exercising my powers of observation looking at what I miss when I’m behind the wheel.

Today I was blessed to observe a beautiful sunset in my rearview mirror while enjoying a nearly full moon out the side.  Storm clouds with rain soaking farm fields. Stars appearing. Far off horizons that masked distances with deceptive ease.

I used my Google maps to identify the surrounding by name but still wonder why there is a Fishtrap exit in the high desert!

So. If you find yourself not in the Drivers Seat, make full use of the time and inform all others what they are missing! Make it a learning experience and maybe, just maybe they will abdicate their control of the steering wheel just for you!

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