The Battle Is Mine, But I’m Not Alone

The Battle Is Mine, But I’m Not Alone: (Audio)

We’ve been here too many times. We feel stretched from one point of life to the other, too much is topsy turvy, and way too many times we are simply overwhelmed by the fight to survive. Either we are prepared for the continued fight of our lives, or we are simply too tired to put up our dukes. TKO. It’s over. Just quit and walk away.

Ever been there? I have, and sometimes it feels like it’s a daily occurrence. Daily? There have been times it seemed like it was every single hour I was awake!

What’s at stake? Besides the obvious choice you make to battle certain things, I believe there are deeper stakes we seldom consider. You know, your character, mind, and heart. Your family, kids and even your marriage. Your ministry and the heartbeat of God in your community. The future that we have before us that is being passed to new generations that must live with the choices we make today.

As a pastor, I feel this battle often. The distractions that happen while the church is going on is a huge battle for our attention span. Perhaps it’s my problem with my teaching, preaching and prep skills, but I also know that we are easily distracted by electronics, kids and those sitting around us. Some of the most solemn instruction we can ever receive is swallowed up by other areas, and immediately you see the attention span drop to nothing, zero, zilch.

Understanding of the times.

From the beginning of scripture, we have lived with the end in mind. From the punishment given to Adam and Eve, there was a promise of a different future. But it was not to be without challenges. There would be seasons of good, and bad. Up and down. Moving forward and backward. Good decisions, right along side of bad ones out the very next breath. It seemed that the tide is never always in, nor is it always out. Ebb and flow. In and out. Coming and going.

Seasons. The natural path and rotation of the planet are very similar to the structure of our personal lives. Decades. Generations. Centuries. Life keeps revolving, just as the Earth revolves around the Sun. The tilt brings about the seasons, and often it seems we are tilted too long in one direction. But like a spinning top, we know the effects of gravity, speed, and rotation can change dramatically. Often when we are least expecting a change!

But always, there are battles that need we need to fight. We cannot back down! Victories to be won, and wounds to be cared for. But the fight must happen, or we lose the war.

Lately, it seems, there is too much hostility. Hate. Frustration. Vitriolic words floating through the ether. Electronics has opened up the world for everyone to have a common voice and we are flooded with too many swaying personalities.

Lately, it seems, that the world has swallowed up our good intentions and replaced them with something that I cannot even put a name to. We are not interested in the spiritual things of our past and are growing further and further away from Godly living.

Lately, it seems, the energy required to keep making good decisions is rapidly depleted and we have failed to find the source of renewal. Our strength is gone.

I’m tired of the battle, but the battle is mine to fight. I must remember that I’m not in this alone. There is a support system that surrounds us that we often overlook. Every person I talk to, and without sharing the burden, I seem to get an inspired word that lifts me over the next hurdle. I would like to think that my words are also the help that someone else needs and appreciates.

Perhaps that’s a key. Without sharing too much, we need to have someone that keeps us sharpened for the struggle. A week or so back I came across these words from a novel I was reading. Its impact has stayed with ever since.

“A knife is sharpened on stone, steel is tempered by fire, but men must be sharpened by men.” ~Louis L’Amour (Walking Drum)

My thought for today… Find someone to simply have a conversation with. You do not need to unload the battle you are facing, nor the struggles you are loaded with… Just talk. Converse. The weather. Storm. Sports. Family. Your car. Listen to the words and the sentiment on the other end of the conversation. More than likely, there will be a word meant just for you that you can grab up and use.

Come on. I dare you.