Cogito Ergo Sum

Cogito Ergo Sum! Okay. It’s Latin. I’m not good at remembering jokes, much less sharing them. But, here goes.. A wife asked her husband, “Did you want to go the party?” Without thinking he replies, “I think not…”. And Poof, he disappears… Now. If you caught the joke then maybe the title of this blog…

Bounce Back

You get up and start participating with that intestinal fortitude that comes from knowing you have the ability, drive and persevering spirit to make it successfully to those closing seconds. You give it your all. Hold nothing back. Push. Drive. Go. Don’t give an inch.

Slowly, Till Not

Like the beginning of a river that faces a gorge, it feels the pressure of a narrowing pathway. It picks up speed as it compresses. The power of the moment is almost overwhelming. Then. Suddenly. The banks open up and the power of the river becomes that smooth flowing waterway…