The Last Time

Closing DoorThe Last Time You Speak To Someone…

It was not necessarily the best time, you know, even though you both knew that the time just spent could never make up for the time lost. Not in the sense of estranged connections, but more in light of time missed over distance and time zones, and through the years.

The last time always comes at the wrong time. Not enough said, not enough time to enjoy a lengthy conversation, and the weighty feelings left unspoken, and the sense of question… Will we meet again?

We often have to “let them go” and bear the burden of unspoken sentiments. Until the time comes for our own departure and then others must carry similar burdens.

Speak now, before it’s too late. 

The Last Time You See Someone…

Did you notice the differences? Not easy to do if it the time period is short. Easy to do if the months and years are suddenly halted into the present and you can only remember that last time.  Someone noticed the extra wrinkles, and gray, our more weight. They never look younger than the last time, except in the mirage of veiled eyes.

It’s sad to think this last time is often at the edge of a casket. They never look natural, at least to my memories. You leave the graveside with only those present memories.

We often have to “let them go” lest our mental cameras confuse the past and present. All too often we simply remember them as they were, not as the last time.

Look now before it’s too late.

The Last Time You Say “I love you”

Truly, it should never come, but often appears when we are ill-prepared to respond in kind. Our own mental block, distracted schedule and refusals keep us from enjoying the moment. Tears from one bring tears to another. Before long, if you’re not careful, no one can speak for the weight of the moment.

It’s a worrisome thing to struggle with the memory of this last time. Some have struggled with the words used too lightly, but they are powerful sentiments when the honesty of the good bye is felt.

Don’t let the moment go. Use your voice. Speak up. Say the words. Even if it’s not sincerely felt. It’s amazing how the spoken words will bond the edges of wounds and seal the relationship like liquid paper wiping out all the past hurts.

Speak now before it’s too late.

The Last Time

Who knows when these last times will ever come… Don’t waste the time in between…