Sensitive to the tugs of people around me…

I oft times find myself concerned for my security. I’ve been down in the bazaars of Muslims, Christans, Armenians, Jews and many other locations. As kids I remember shopping in the mercado’s of several Mexican towns, looking for illegal switchblade knives to possibly smuggle across the border (😳😳). I have been in shopping areas with my wallet in my front pocket and my hand holding on in case of a pick-pocket….

I can be sensitive to my surroundings, but I’m not sure I want to confront someone face to face if I feel threatened…

What do you do when those undercurrents?

When you think you can defend yourself…successfully…then you are willing to confront.  When you are ill prepared then you look for a place of safety.

I think this is true with many areas of life, like answering a question posed by a teacher, or someone who wonders what you believe or think….  How do you answer that police officer, or judge, without stress? What about your parents, or children?

Or your God?

Jesus gave us some hope…. It seems a little weird… Read it with me.

Luk 12:11 And when they bring you before the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, do not be anxious about how you should defend yourself or what you should say….

What? Don’t you have to prepare a defense? Don’t you have to have some schooling? Before I played in a ball game I had to practice.  Or before a recital, prove myself to my teacher I can be successful! 

For a Spirit filled Christian there is a different kind of hope that others may not ever experience. Read on…

Luk 12:12 for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”

In the hour you need it then will learn exactly what you need to know to open your defense? I wish we would learn to do this in all of our dealings with every situation and every person… All the time. 

What say ye?