What’s It Worth To You?

What’s it worth to you? Do you have nothing better to spend your money on? Is this an investment or simply an extravagant way to waste money? Is it truly a “once in a lifetime” event or will there be another one next year? Has this all become simply a rich person’s event?

When you think about this amount of money, can you really say that it’s worth a couple of years of mortgage payments? Or a life saving operation? Where have we gone with our elevation of this kind of expenditure that we actually think it is okay?

Consider these average costs for many of life’s events.

  • Weddings $40,000….
  • Funerals $10,000…
  • Automobiles $22,000…
  • Homes $185,000 (depending on locale)…
  • New Babies $18,000! (hope you have insurance)

These are simply the average costs!

So, spending 15,000 for a day’s events? Where are our priorities?

A good friend of mine was suggesting that with anything we do, “It’s just money…”. I can agree with this when it comes to where I place value, but something that is disposable like the Superbowl is simply not an investment – it’s just spending money!