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I wonder why many big named individuals follow so few people, yet so many follow them. Twitter, that is… Do they have that much value to say that thousands are waiting with abated breath to hang on their Tweets? Do they care who is following them? Who do they find important to follow? Why do they not follow me if I follow them? Why do some of my closest friends, family or peers not follow me? Does this say something about me… or them?

Twitter came on the scene and it seems to have sucked many into the maelstrom of just waiting to see who says what, which trends can be established and tracked, and what dirt can be shoveled in which direction! I started something a few months ago – emailing tweets to myself – only those that have links for articles to read later, or with some tidbit of information I want to track out for myself, or even some data that I will use in preaching or writing or schooling at some point in the future. These tweets have adopted a nomenclature that I thought was new with myself, but I have found that it’s been used by others. I call them “Twuotes” (Tweeter Quotes). Some are funny, some can be used as ammunition, still others have great truths buried in those 140 characters!

So, I asked the questions previously and have so many more to ask! I am not sure there is an end to my analysis of the need to launch a message and hope someone finds value from them.

Consider that there are some who follow just about as many as follow them. Look at these two Twitter Account Statistics and tell me what you see.

Joel Osteen Twitter Statistics








John Maxwell Twitter Statistics













Some “names” do not handle their own Twitter account, requiring administrators to tweet and respond. Others profess to do their own Tweets and I tend to believe some of them, but not all. Some restrict their “Following” list to those they deem important to hear from – makes me feel I am unimportant to them and they look down on me as someone not worth paying attention to… Still, I understand that someone who is “important” or “busy” cannot be bothered with all the drivel that makes up most Twitter messages. I do understand this! Believe me. I do. Yet, when they do not follow me the only way I can communicate with them via Twitter is to find a recent message of there’s and do a “Reply” so I can shoot them a personal message. I am not in their inner circle and this can make one feel very frustrated!

There are frustrations on all fronts technical – the inability to blend between one version and style with another makes it frustrating to choose which platform or application one you want to utilize. There was a time when the cheapest form of communication was Snail Mail and I remember those letters with fondness. In fact, one of my contacts in Alabama has taken to sending out letters (although they are printed from his computer), and it makes me feel good to get one from him, thanks Barnabas – you know who you are. With mail, I could communicate with ANYONE, as long as I had the simple supplies and stamps required. With Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, Texting, IM’ing, etc. – I can ONLY communicate with someone who is similarly connected and will open a line of communication to me. There are several people in my church who are great communicators with Cards, and they send seasonal and birthday wishes all the time – thank you so much for continuing this form of greeting and forgive me if I fail to respond in kind.

Just some questions that have no simple answer. And these are just a sampling of questions that I have! What are your answers?