Morning Ritual!


Every morning… As I prepare my morning routine, I open the kitchen cabinet and peruse my options. Coffee cups on top of coffee cups. From prior companies, travels that we have taken, gifts that have been given – I am literally overwhelmed with choices. Never mind that I collected various cups from around Alaska, there are also some very special cups that my family have literally made, cured, painted and presented!

Still, I use this time to sort of  consider how I want my day to start!

This particular cup came from our Alaskan Cruise and its loaded with imagery of Skagway, Alaska…

As I was thinking about a Morning Ritual that many participate in, I do realize there are more important things than choosing a coffee mug!

  • Do you remember the days of public schooling when you laid out your clothes the evening before school, perhaps even prepared a lunch, and made sure everything was in order!
  • Perhaps even when you prepare for an interview, a new job, or a date!

There are many who have no ritual. Their life is totally revolved around the moment and do what needs to be done, even if it means loading the washing machine and cleaning out clothes needed in the next 30 minutes!

I wonder if any reading this would own up to their morning ritual and identify whether they are prepared for the day, or the day will constantly be a surprise?