Life is never static. It’s always changing. Maybe not as repetitious, nor as quickly, as the hours on the face of a clock, yet we are always noticing the changes around us. After a nice “day off” drive, Brenda and I noticed changes happening to various properties on old familiar routes. Trailers gone, trees cleared, new animals onsite, speed limit changes, etc. Things are always changing.

This year is producing some changes that I’m excited about.

Brenda began her BS degree and has some great opportunities opened up to her at work because of this brave step. I am very proud of her!

I have completed my MA in Leadership and am looking for a doctoral degree program to begin later this year. Additionally, I’m taking Biblical and Yiddish Hebrew online next month for credit through Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Mat and Elizabeth have met some challenges in their life recently and have faced the sadness and abrupt changes with love and kindness.

Brenda and I will be grandparents later this year because Jason and Felicia will “produce” their first and our first. They have been married just a year or so, and I’m glad they did not wait until the 5 year “rule” that I suggest to newly married couples… I’m praying for twins…

I’m always excited about changes. One of these days, as we’re sitting in our rocking chairs and thinking about the past, we’ll reflect on all the changes of our lives and enjoy the memories.