Depoe Bay, OR

Depoe Bay, Oregon

This is one of my favorite places to come. It’s a place of blustering beauty. The resort sits on a rocky crag, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The tide is peaking this morning, throwing water against the rocks. An innocent photographer is looking a different direction, while behind a huge spray is drenching the ground. It’s 37 this morning. No clouds. Only the morning sun. The fishing boats are lined up about a mile off the coast, catching something I’m sure. They were there all night, you could see their lights glistening in the dark.

I suspect my reasons for enjoying this place are partially due to the beauty of the place. The other main reason is that I’m here with my family. My parents flew in on Saturday and my wife and I picked them up at PDX and drove here. My son and daughter-in-law showed up about midnight. My daughter and son-in-law showed up on Monday. We are enjoying our family celebration. You  see, we all live in different states. From Washington, to Oregon, to California and then over to Texas – we all had to travel to get here. It’s a real treat to enjoy this time of family celebration.

With family scattered all over you have to make the time to get everyone together. That’s the real beauty of this place.

From playing games, telling stories and jokes, playing catch-up on news from each home front, we are spending quality time to stay connected. The kids are out for a morning jog. Mom and dad will be here this afternoon for some feasting and games. Felicia is supposed to cook her savory pancakes. Brenda will do her specialty this afternoon – chicken fried steak. Dad will yodel. Mom will teach 42. Jason is drawing. Mat brings energy. Elizabeth will make a funny video. Me? I get to sit back and enjoy it all!