Across The Bridge

I remember a pastor from my youth who used to sing this song. I’ve always thought of it as his signature song because I heard it so much from him. His name escapes me at this moment, but the song made a huge impact on my life, so much so that I can still remember these words some 45 years later.

Across the Bridge
(Verse 1)
I have lived a life of sin, in this world I’m living in.
I’ve done forbidden things I shouldn’t do.
I asked a beggar along the way,
If he could tell me where to stay.
Where I could find real happiness and love that’s true.

Across the bridge, there’ll be no sorrow.
Across the bridge, there’ll be no pain.
The sun’s gonna shine across the river.
And we’ll never be unhappy again.

(Verse 2)

Follow the footsteps of the King, ‘til you hear sweet voices ring.
They’ll be singing out the glory of the Lamb.
The river of Jordan will be near,
The sound of trumpets you will hear.
You’ll behold the most precious face ever known to man.