Daylight is Daylight…

Regardless of the confusion that often surrounds when to Spring Forward or Fall Back, I have found that my sleeping schedule is little affected by these issues. Perhaps we need to be less stressed by the gaining or losing of an hour and be more proactive in being in control of our personal schedule.

When it’s time to go to sleep – go to sleep.
When it’s time to wake up – get up!

In Alaska, the sun has such huge impact on people. I never felt it bother me.

My thought about the sun in the winter was, “Who cares if the sun doesn’t come up till nearly 10 am and sets about 3pm!” I still got up at the same time and went to bed at the same time.

My thought about the sun in the summer was, “Who cares that it comes up by 3am and sets about midnight?” The same applies, arise and sleep on schedule.

Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) did affect some – but I refuse to be sad about sunlight.

At least it came up!