How Much Do I Owe…

I have a cousin who just passed away last night after a long battle with cancer. Marsha’s mom was my maternal grandmothers sister – Grace West. Marsha is closer in age to my mom, yet I have this fond memory of her coming out of her home as a young lady and the smile she had when she saw us in the car. Seems like she played an accordion, and probably the piano, but she had a beautiful singing voice that I can remember. She wrote a song and it was published in one of our church song books. It is called, “Tell Me How Much I Owe…”

Verse 1: Like a lamb to the slaughter, like a sheep before his shearers; From the manger to the grave like a beggar just a slave. Born in poverty, died in cruelty, suffered agony just for you and me. Tell me how much I owe, I want to repay.

Verse 2: If the hills could cry out and the rocks could proclaim and the mountains could sing their glad refrain, they’d say “Tell it, declare it, go sing it and share it; Sacrifice, there’s no price too great to pay.”

Chorus: Oh Calvary, oh Calvary, would you please, please speak to me. Tell me how much I owe, I want to repay. Then an echo rings clear from the hills of old Judea tell the lost, tell the lost, tell the lost.

Good bye Marsha.