What’s It All About?

As I penned the title to this blog, an song of old popped into my mind, “What’s it all about, Alfie?” I stopped to look up the lyrics because I can only remember this single phrase. I have no clue as to who wrote it, who put the music to the lyrics, or even who sang the song. In my mind I do not remember even if it is a male or female… The only thing that remains is the phrase – “what’s it all about…”.

These past few weeks it seems the emphasis of so many are about the highs and lows of things happening around us. Many jump on the band wagon of excitement about this “lebron” thing, others focus on the zoo and talk about “tiger”, while others are paying huge attention to soccer happening in another country – on another continent – below the equator… Some cannot get enough of twilight – we just drove through Forks and I did not see any werewolves or vampires. Some are upset that their TV show has been canceled. Some are bemoaning the latest reality show as if it’s a real representation of life. While others think that it’s rigged for judges to promote one talent over the other. And then there’s all this talk about tar balls washing up on the coast line in the Gulf of Mexico.

From financial meltdowns, to mortgage crisis, to lost jobs, time nor space is available for me to document all the things that people decide to spend their energy and focus upon.

I grow weary with the focus on this world and all the distractions we are faced with. Somewhere I need to revamp my thinking and look to the Good News found in the pages of the Bible.

There is Hope for a better life and it is not found with a basketball in my hand.
There is Joy in living for Christ and it not found flipping channels.
There is Peace in putting Christ first in my life, even when this world is full of disasters.
There is Love in responding to the Love that came to me on a dark and lonely road.

So, I ask this question, “What’s it all about?” Do you really know? Do you really care?