I Do…. A Covenant

I’ve been asked by some how I’ve “made” my marriage last for so long… Today is our 36th anniversary. I can remember that day:
– a home wedding at Freddie and Jack Huffman’s house by the University of Houston
– hot and humid, the A/C not keeping up with the demands being placed on it
– a special haircut that did feel comfortable
– a spruced up 1971 Dodge Dart Sport, bright orange, white seats, white vinyl top
– matching ties for all the guys (which I still own)
– the minister, A.E. Matney, standing at the front of the room
– dad singing our wedding song selection (I still have the book it came out of)
– family and friends gathering together to help us celebrate

And then, Brenda walks down the stairs and is presented to me by her dad…

On that day we made a covenant and declared our undying love and devotion to each other. We sealed our agreement with a simple, “I do…” A covenant of love that has bound us to each other these 36 years.

Never has there been a time when I wondered, “What am I getting myself in to?” Just 19 and 18 years old, barely out of high school, we were committing ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives.

The year my granddad passed away, he and grandmother celebrated their 65th anniversary. He was a little older than I when he married and she was a little younger. Was life easy for them? No! Several world wars, depressions, sicknesses, death of a child, and a host of other unknown events could have created opportunity for their marriage to fail. That last year of his life Granddad told me that they would have had nothing in their lives except for Grandmother saving and scrimping like she was famous for. When he wanted a new motor for his boat, she would analyze their finances and his desire and determine if they could do it. What a partnership they had – not necessarily rosy on all fronts, but it gave me an insight into how their marriage worked.

To my brides chagrin (at times) I keep broadcasting that we are aiming for 65 years of marriage. We are over halfway there.

Something came to mind earlier this year – we were both born in 1955, and this year we each turn 55. Not very many people will be able to celebrate their births like this. A math statement puts sums it up: (55 + 55 = 110) * 2 = 220 – independently we are simple house current. Joined together we are great potential.

Thanks to our parents and grandparents on both sides of the family who have shown us the way. Thanks to our kids for showing us young love all over again. Thanks to God for giving us each other.